Post-Abortion Stress

Guilt                                                               Emotional numbness
Depression and crying                                  Lowered self-esteem
Inability to forgive yourself                           Inability to bond
Intense grief and sadness                              Avoidance of relationships
                                                                       Desire to become pregnant again

Sexual problems                                                Anger and rage
Anorexia or other eating disorders                   Nightmares and flashbacks
Drug or alcohol use                                           Suicidal urges

Unsuccessful Grieving Methods

  • denying there is anything to grieve
  • denying there is grieving going on
  • denying the loss by burying your feelings
  • replacement behaviours (subsequent pregnancy, repeat abortion, adoption)
  • believing that time heals all wounds
  • obsession over making mistakes
  • self deprecation (abusive relationships, self-punishing and unforgiving behaviours)
  • flight (change of boyfriend, job, geography)
  • self isolation and insulation (restricted communication, secrecy,defensiveness)
  • grieving alone
  • ongoing and unresolved anger (self, God, boyfriend, husband, subsequent children, parents, friends, baby)
  • pursuit of "me-ism"
  • sexual dysfunction ( promiscuity, frigidity)
  • phobic patterns (fear of health clinics, being alone, gynecological examinations, panic attacks, agoraphobia)
  • dissociation and emotional disconectedness