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The Ministry Dance in Rachel's Vineyard
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2017 Rachel's Vineyard Conference with Theresa Burke
The Spirituality Centre, Francis St. Randwick, NSW
Friday, March 31 to Sunday April 2
A weekend to develop understandings, skills and professional practice in the ministry of Rachel's Vineyard Retreats - a dance where diverse gifts of a team interweave and shape a hope for healing for those experience post abortion trauma.
We will build retreat competencies through sharing with Theresa Burke, founder of Rachel's Vineyard Retreats (Sunday), group reflection on our practice and exploring issues around mental health first aid and trauma healing with Desley Creedy.
Date: Friday, March 31, 7pm to Sunday April 2, 3.30pm. You will be able to register for day attendance.
Venue: The Spirituality Centre, Francis St. Randwick.
Open exclusively to members of retreat teams in Australia and New Zealand due to the nature of the topics covered and the processes used.
Cost: $500 or $250 per day. Full scholarships are available to all current members of the Sydney team. (Sydney team members do not need to apply). Members of other teams can apply for full or part scholarship - see form below. Travel to and from the conference is at participants own cost.
Enquiries  (email registrations please) to Peter:   Ph: 612 9557 3197
Registrations now closed

Registration form
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Attendance (please indicate all that apply):  Friday (7-9pm)      Saturday (9am - 10pm)    Sunday. (9am - 3.30pm)  Live in     Live out
Experience in Rachel’s Vineyard ministry (eg time; position):
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Arrival time (if not between 3-6pm Friday):
Mental Health First Aid – Would you like to gain accreditation for this?    Yes     No
We will contact you with possibilities if we can offer this. 

Scholarship Application
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If you do need to pay something we will send the transfer details after your application has been assessed.

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